Our story

All started in my last visit to Morocco, more exactly in Fez, the capital of the Idrissid dynasty, where my wife comes from. The word “Fez” is derived from the Arabic word ''فاس '' which means “pickaxe” and which legends say that "Idris I" used when he first created the lines of the city during the 8th century, the pickaxe was made from silver and gold.
The city was known by the oldest leather tanneries in the world and also by copper kitchen tools, furniture and décor, which are still being made the same way nowadays.
While taking a tour of the most beautiful spots of the city, we met one of my wife’s friends who is working on handmade stuff, so I was amazed by the originality and the exquisiteness of the craftsmanship there. They're still using the same tools and methods to create such beautiful crafts. This is when I suggested him some of my designs, and we agreed about one thing, to show those treasures to the world!
This is Robert, and this is the story of Fezcrafts.